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La Salle .. An Elegant Venue .. For Your Events


No matter how big or small your wedding party is!
No matter what theme the couple desire on that night!
La Salle will make your dream come true.

La Salle is the only venue in Chouf, Saida, and South Lebanon region which can host large wedding parties for nearly 2000 persons.


La Salle is an ideal location for organizing all kinds of exhibitions. It offers nearly 3500m² of covered space free of pillars that is air-conditioned during summer and heated during winter.

Exhibitors can enjoy high wall design for their stands due to the high ceiling of La Salle, which goes up 11 meters in the center and 8 meters at the sides.


La Salle will append graduation parties of many universities and schools making them more prestigious yet unforgettable, since it is built and designed to be the perfect destination for such occasions. Nevertheless, La Salle can easily accommodate all kinds of educational lectures, classes and workshops.

Conferences & Seminars

Conferences of all sort can be held marking the beginning of cultural meetings of diversity where knowledge, awareness and testimonials would take center stage allowing growth and the evolution of human mentality and capabilities to understand the social and geographical environment.


La Salle is the right venue for all organizations, businesses, and corporations for organizing training seminars, social events and general assembly meetings for their staff, clients or stockholders. The venue can encompass large number of audiences and guests.


The need to act socially and to organize social responsibility events that creates awareness followed by a call to action. It's a mentality improvement program for numerous causes such as the need to protect nature or help out a person in need...

Sport Activities

Empty spaces with different faces is what we can call la Salle venue. A sports event is yet another of many events it can withhold. Organizers can set up a sports cars exhibition or simply competition involving worldwide know games.